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Interest Rates and Your Credit Profile

Interest Rate Estimator

What Your Interest Rate?

FAQ’s on Interest Rates
The most often asked question we hear from our customers applying for an auto loan or refinance auto loan is, “If I apply what interest rate will I be approved for?” Interesting question with so many answers. First, you have to actually apply before we or any lender would really know. No reputable lender can answer that question without you actually applying and pulling your credit report and credit score.

At we’ve built a tool to help answer this question. Our Interest Rate Estimator tool calculates probable auto loan interest rate outcomes based on four quick questions. This tool returns a range of interest rates from Lowest APR to Highest APR along with the Average APR for your credit type all based on recent data. With this Interest Rate Estimator tool you will have a good understanding of where you stand with us and the many lenders represented on our marketplace lending platform. Additionally we publish our Today’s Lowest Rates chart that provides you with the lowest possible interest rates segmented by loan type and by loan term that you can obtain when applying at

Second most often asked question is, “I know my credit score, what will my interest rate be if I apply?” Credit score also known as FICO score is not indicative or directly related an interest rate. Most lenders today utilize custom score cards, meaning they analyze your application attributes along with your credit report and historical customer behavior data to calculate their own score. This custom score is directly related to the interest rate, loan term and conditions a lender may use to decision your loan. Once again our Interest Rate Estimator takes a similar approach and provides you with a range of possible interest rate outcomes.

We hope you find this information helpful. Remember you can apply online at at any time online 24/7.

How Much Auto Loan Should You Apply For?

If you want to buy a used car using a loan, be careful not be blinded by the excitement of being a car owner. You need to shop around to get a good car and a lender that will finance you. If you have a good credit history, most lenders will readily approve your application for a used car loan. On the other hand, if you have zero credit or a poor credit history, you may have to provide collateral for your loan application to be approved. The interest rate that you will be charged for used car loans will depend on various factors.

Before you apply for a used car loan, there are a number of things you should consider. These include:

1. Trade-in value
If you already have a car and wish to purchase a new one, you can trade-in the old car and thus pay a lower cost for the new car loan. If you sell the car to the dealership, you will get a very low price for it. The dealer will be looking to sell the car back in the market and thus would offer as low as possible for it. You can get more for the car if you sell it to a private party. You can use the amount that you get to reduce the cost of your auto loan.

2. Market finance rate
This is what is generally referred to as the bank interest rate. The market finance rate refers to the interest rate that lenders charge consumers who are classified to good credit borrowers. The majority of consumers are charged the market finance rate. However, the rate you will be charged will depend on different things such as the demand and supply of credit in the market, your credit history and your overall perceived risk of defaulting your payments should you be approved for a loan.

3. Loan term
Most people will be comfortable with a loan that spans over the traditional 60 months. If you opt for a loan with a shorter term, your monthly payments will be higher. Used car loans with longer terms come with low monthly payments. However, the cumulative interest is higher than that of shorter term loans. If you will have difficulty making your monthly payments, request the lender to increase the term of the loan.

4. Monthly payment
Find out how much you can afford as monthly payment for the loan. The payment should include registration, taxes and title fees that will be included as part of your loan. Generally, it is advisable to keep the payment less than 20 percent of your monthly disposable income. The monthly payment is not inclusive of other costs of owning the car such as maintenance, insurance and gas cost.

Used car loans can enable you to afford a pre owned car. However, you need to research well to get a loan that will fit your financial situation. The above are some of the things that you should consider before apply for auto financing.

Car Finance Loan: Low Interest And Quick Approval

Whether you are in the market for a new or used vehicle, it is a major purchasing decision. For a majority people, the two most important purchases they make are the purchase of a home and the purchase of a vehicle. An online pre-approved car finance loan takes some of the hassle out of what will inevitably be a complicated decision. When you obtain a pre-approve loan, you have the opportunity to exercise greater control.

One of the most trusted online car finance loan providers is, which commenced operation in 2003. Its mission is to offer a wide range of products that simplify the search of financing alternatives. Usually, matches your application with four loan offers.

Online car financing saves time. It is fast and easy. Completing a application takes approximately three to five minutes. Although the processing time varies, it is possible to receive a decision within seconds. If your application is unique, providing more information may be necessary. However, is committed to providing you with the best loan options, in the quickest time possible.

The online lending market is a competitive business. When seeking the best interest rate available, this can work to your benefit. is a one stop service that provides four loan company options, each vying for your business, therefore each offering favorable terms.

By reducing operating costs online lenders provide lower rates. They do not need to rent impressive office space and can keep staff to a minimum. This means that savings are passed on to the consumer by way of significantly lower interest rates.

Once you have obtained your pre-approved car loan, you can confidently visit car dealerships. You are armed with knowledge, and knowledge is power. You know you have the money, you know how much you can afford, and all that needs to be bargained is the exact vehicle and its price.

Financing is an area where car dealers intend to make a profit. Sometimes, they use creative marketing to convince customers they are receiving a better deal, when in fact they are not. To keep the monthly payment down they may extend the length of the loan. If you are not careful, this could conceal the annual percentage rate (APR). Furthermore, you may not qualify for the car dealer advertised low APR financing. It is estimated that as few as seven percent of the customers seeking financing through a car dealership qualify for the advertised low rate. offers car loan finance choices that take advantage of consumer market research and changing trends. It is a user-friendly web site that allows easy access to detailed information. In addition, your application is handled in a private, secure and confidential manner.

Operating in 48 of the United States, the exceptions are Alaska and Hawaii, the company is a recognized leader in the field of online car loan finance. lenders have customer loan consultants available to assist you with any questions you may have, and will correspond with a 1-800 number or e-mail. The key to your next vehicle purchasing decision is to visit and complete the application.

Customers Desire Affordable Auto Loans

Before you begin shopping for your next vehicle, consider obtaining an online pre-approved loan. Although pre-approved auto loans are offered through many websites, there are a lot of good reasons to visit Since 2004 it has been an A+ accredited Better Business Bureau company. DigiCert SSL encryption means your information is safely protected. 1.5 million customers and national leasing institutions have put their trust in The company has provided loans in 48 states for seven years.

One application gives you up to four loan offers in minutes. The process consists of a fast, free and easy form that takes between three and five minutes to complete. If you have questions, loan consultants are readily available and happy to assist. You could receive almost instant loan decisions. If your application is not typical, it may take longer and further questions may be asked. However, is committed to providing the best loan offers available.

Although is the go to site when making a car loan application, loans are not its only service. Believing a well informed shopper will make smart buying decisions you can find a tool that allows you to compare used car prices based on year, make, mileage and many other options. As for new cars, you are able to compare manufacturers’ invoices and suggested retail prices. Ensure your vehicle purchase is a wise one by investigating with the CARFAX Vehicle History Report. Additionally, manufacturer recall notices are well documented.

Apart from vehicle information you can keep track of your credit score, which naturally affects your interest rate. TrueCredit monitoring service allows reporting from the three major credit scoring services. TransUnion offers a free report that gives you a current credit score.

There are tools that help you determine the amount of money you can comfortably borrow. You can calculate how much of your payment is applied to the actual loan and how much goes toward interest on the loan. There is also an interest rate estimator, which works out the interest rate you will likely be charged from a lender.

A car warranty gives peace of mind. Once you strike a deal and make a purchasing decision, warranty becomes an issue., aware of this need, provides a warranty quote through Interstate Warranty Services. is dedicated to helping consumers take control of the buying experience. It imparts research, finance, and warranty information that does not disappoint. By offering a wide range of products and services it simplifies the research process.

Its most valuable function is the matching of lender and customer, based upon what the customer needs. Customers are assured their auto loans have the lowest interest rate possible and that the loan is comfortably affordable. excels at knowing the most relevant auto market research and puts it all together in a user-friendly site. It is a company that is proud to be the recognized leader in its field. Join the 1.5 million strong who have benefited from the resources this stellar organization provides.

What You Should Know Regarding Car Financing

Financing your new vehicle through the dealership is convenient. After all, the business manager, who will arrange the financing, and has an office conveniently located on premises. However, finance, insurance and add-ons, all sold by the business manager, are frequently the most profitable section of a dealership. Although car financing at the dealership is convenient, it can cost you a great deal of money.

The business manager sends your credit information to lenders they deal with, and takes the lowest interest rate offered, then adds a mark up to that rate. The mark up is the dealership’s profit, and there is no law stating that the dealer must disclose the mark up. At the dealership, just as you had to negotiate the vehicle, you must also negotiate the car financing.

Prior to beginning your car shopping excursion, you ought to shop for your car financing. Begin by calculating how much of a monthly car payment you can afford.  Once you have figured this out, you will you need know the purchase price of an automobile you can afford and the interest rate you will be charged. offers many tools to assist in the process.

When a lender offers an interest rate, many factors are taken into consideration.  The biggest influence is your credit rating. Your credit history may or may not give an accurate picture of your money habits. Before applying for a loan, it is a good idea to check your credit rating, you might want to utilize the credit reporting tool found on If there are inaccuracies in the credit report, you can clear them up before making a loan application.

There are other factors that determine an interest rate. Generally, the shorter the loan term the lower the interest rate. However, shorter terms mean larger monthly payments. Used cars have higher rates of interest than newer ones. Geographic location plays a factor as well. Taking all of this into consideration, one quick and easy application with provides as many as four lender offers, sometimes within seconds.

It is not a good idea to wait until you are at the dealership and talking to the salesperson to figure out what you can afford.  They could make you an offer you feel you cannot refuse, and yet if you looked at the actual loan terms it just might be that you ought to refuse the offer. It is important to receive loan approval first.

Although both banks and credit unions are good places to shop for a loan, and will be clear about what they think you can reasonably afford, their hours of operation are not always convenient. Even if you can calculate bank and credit union interest rates online, in order to receive more than one quote, you need to visit more than one website. is a one stop service, which offers quotes from more than one lender.

In general online financial institutions offer competitive car financing and provide quick and easy credit applications and approval. However, they are not always a personal service and a few are less than reputable. lenders have consultants available to answer customer questions either by way of a 1-800 number or email. Additionally, is an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau with a seven year history and 1.5 million customers and lenders.