New Cars with Lots of Value

Had some great feedback on our last post and we were requested to dig a little deeper on autos that provide real consumer value.  Well, we will give it another shot and extend our scope some.

2011 Lincoln MKZ| Luxury

Frankly, with all the models in the luxury sedans market, having to identify one that seems to have more value is a tough one.  Really did some research in this area and think that the 2011 Lincoln MKZ’s balanced approach wins over the best Germany or Japan offers.  We’re not talking all-out performance, but value. The MKZ is a perfectly competent luxury sedan that comes nicely equipped. It also offers a delicate balance of tout handling and a smooth, comfortable ride.  The 2011 Lincoln MKZ starts at just $34,645.

2012 Ford Mustang | Sports

Well, here we are with another Ford – as I’ve said before, I just love what they have done both in style and in quality.  But this fun to drive Mustang is sporty and very good looking.  Wow, I think I’m in love, lol.  Great looking and an excellent racecar like handling with powerful brakes.  I think it is the best Mustang since the Shelby.  It offer all that I’ve mentioned in a package that everyone can afford – all the while the truck space is so big that you won’t have issues with road trips or shopping.  It’s the ultimate value in the sports car class. The 2012 Ford Mustang starts at just $22,310.

2011 Honda Odyssey| Minivan

Here is a nice minivan with a lot of perks, nice seating arrangements that fold flat and a great compliment to when you need to haul things home from Lowes.  The new Odyssey sports a number of design tweeks that really make the auto appear much sportier and visionary than before.  Nice interior compliments the design but you won’t believe how comfortable this minivan is!  We think it has some excellent value.  The 2011 Honda Odyssey starts at just $28,075.

So what is the best way to get one of these auto financed?  To begin with you will need to compile a list of auto financing options.

Dealing direct is a good way to save money and dealing with a company that searches for the best offers in auto loans is also a good way to go.  Only through requesting and comparing quotes would you have a clearer picture on the various financing options. The time taken is now far less thanks to the net.  Companies like provide this matching and multiple offer process.  Again, is a proven choice.

Another idea and one of the better options to consider would be a large down payment that would then allow you to qualify for a shorter term and potentially a lower interest rate.  Of course there are also zero down payment options available for those people on a tight budget but they really are hard to qualify for.  You’re going to need good credit to do so.

In most cases the period of the auto loan would be anywhere from thirty six months up to seventy two.  If you were to choose the longest term then the overall cost is likely to be greater than if you could pay back the balance in a short time.  Choosing 48 to 60 months should provide you with the best rates.

Make sure you are clear if the interest rate is fixed or flexible – We recommend that you never take a flexible rate car loan.  Though a fixed rate is easier to understand it may end up costing more over time whereas a flexible interest rate would mimic the prevailing market conditions – so as long as the rates are low, grab a direct loan soon.  Since they are currently low, get it fixed because we all know they are sure to rise down the road.
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