Online Service Provides Quick, Easy Car Refinance Loans

Although refinancing a home mortgage is common, in the past, fewer people applied for a car refinance loan. However, this is changing because interest rates have recently tumbled.  The amount of money you can save depends on the balance left on your loan, and the new interest rate compared to the old.

Investigating the possibility of refinancing your car by visiting is quick and easy. You will receive up to four loan offers. If you decide to refinance, your old loan will be paid off and your new lender will acquire title on your car until the terms of your loan are satisfied and you become the owner.

Refinancing is done to acquire a lower interest rate, to lower monthly payments, or both. If your intention is to decrease the total interest you end up paying, it is unlikely you will achieve this goal if you negotiate a lower monthly payment. If you want to make smaller monthly payments, there is a chance that the amount of interest you pay by the time you have paid off the loan will be greater than your old loan.

Check with your existing lender to make sure there are no early buy out penalty fees. If there are penalty fees, be sure to include them when making a refinancing decision. Penalty fees may be substantial or non-existent depending on your contract. Lien holder and registration fees are different in each state. Although the fees are minimal, they also need to be considered.

Because your credit rating will affect the interest rate lenders offer, you will want to obtain a credit report before refinancing your car loan. offers a TransUnion free credit report on its website. If you find errors, you will want to correct those errors before applying for a loan.

Perhaps your credit score is high, but you discover there are several obsolete accounts on record. You should cancel these accounts before proceeding to refinance your car because a potential lender may look at the number of credit accounts and place your application in a higher risk category and offer a higher interest rate than he or she would have otherwise offered. Assuming your previous car loan payments were always paid on time, the fact that you have had a car loan already unquestionably improves your chances of receiving offers with excellent interest rates.

There is a lot to be said about refinancing online. It takes between three to five minutes to complete a loan application form. Security is guaranteed with DigiCertSSL encryption. Frequently, within seconds you will receive up to four loan offers, and you can choose from among them.

With a proven track record, has been in business for seven years and has serviced the needs of 1.5 million customers, you can be sure to receive competitive, legitimate offers. Since 2004, has been annually awarded the Better Business Bureau A+ rating.  A car refinance loan could save you money, or it could decrease monthly payments. Filling out an online application is free and there is no obligation.