Tire Kickers Radio

Tire Kickers Radio airs on wsRadio.com with live show times on Monday (10:00AM – 11:00AM PST.  Hosts are Eve Grey and Jacob Bruce

About the show:
Tire Kickers Radio covers the business of buying, selling and leasing automobiles. This show lets you peak under the hood and see behind the scenes of the automotive industry. 411 for automotive sales professional and consumers, alike.

Jake and Eve have a variety of topics that should be of interest to basically anyone who owns a car.  On some of the past shows, they have  discussed how Dealers can make the consumer buying experience more convenient.   For example: The Registration process and using the Drivers License as tools to assist the customer by looking for key elements such as expiration dates.

On another show they talked about the Auto Cap program, and DA Consumer Fraud Units and how to utilize those entities if you feel that a dealer is operating unfair business practices.

Yesterday, they had on myAutoloan’s very own Heather Dietel to talk about lending and the auto finance world.


Again, the website is wsRadio.com

1. How the economy is affected when people are defaulting on their loans.
2. How can consumers make getting a car loan easier?
3. What are some options that the consumer may have that can benefit them with their loan?
4. When banks are looking to approve, what is the hardest item they need to overcome?

Very interesting and when we get the Podcast, we will post that into this article.  It’s a lot more interesting than having me try to outline the conversation.

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