– 2014 Best of DFW Texas Award

It’s always nice to be recognized.  Our goal is to provide the same positive choice, all across the USA. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Receives 2014 Best of DFW Texas Award DFW Texas Award Program Honors the Achievement DFW TEXAS June 5, 2014 — has been selected for the 2014 Best of Dallas-Ft. Worth TexasContinue Reading

Review of the 2014 Nissan Rogue SL AWD

 If you’re looking for a new family-hauling car, look no further. With an amazing base price of $23,650, you can’t go wrong with buying and financing the 2014 Nissan Rogue with Along with the simple design, you have the option of purchasing the premium package for $1,990 which includes, a panoramic roof, LED headlights,Continue Reading and Social Media

We’re often asked about Social Media and where can be found? Certainly there are a lot of social media outlets, currently we focus on three of these while still maintaining a presence on several others. Our focus is with Twitter (currently over 30k Followers), Facebook (currently over 11.4 Likes) and Pinterest. On all three weContinue Reading

Interest Rates and Your Credit Profile

FAQ’s on Interest Rates The most often asked question we hear from our customers applying for an auto loan or refinance auto loan is, “If I apply what interest rate will I be approved for?” Interesting question with so many answers. First, you have to actually apply before we or any lender would really know.Continue Reading

Credit Checks for Auto Loans Are Not A Bad Thing

When applying for an auto loan, having your credit checked does not hurt your credit. It comes up again and again from auto loan applicants that they are concerned about having their credit checked. Why the concern? Because it’s been promoted for years that shopping for auto financing and multiple credit checks for auto loansContinue Reading