Waiting For the next Big Thing

There is a very select group of drivers out there who have a serious problem, one that even they are not able to freely admit to.   They are the ‘Next Big Thing’ crowd, the people for whom the current model is never enough.

Like sad, lost souls, they trawl the Internet and the trade magazines, desperately hoping for a glimpse of the very latest models.   They do genuinely want to buy a car, but they can never quite stick to the process involved in buying one.

So instead of wandering down to the dealership and picking out a car, they would much rather wait until the next cycle of vehicles comes out, with all of the extras that the newest models have, the new lights, those little things that tell the driver whatever, all of the advancements from the basic model.

However, when the newest model comes out, they fold.   They just can’t resist waiting a little longer for the next model, then the next update.   And the end result of all of this?  They never update their car.  They are never satisfied.

We at myAutoloan.com suggest that these people seek serious help.  Cars are wonderful things, whatever their model number and waiting for the supercharged version is pointless and soul-destroying.

This is a serious problem and we sure hope they get over it.   The best way to deal with it is buy a car if you need one. Update your old car, get it financed by a direct lender and enjoy life.   Even better, just buy a car that you like, drive it and trade it if you have to but it’s time to update and improve your mode of transportation.   There will always be something better out there, so there is absolutely no point in waiting, and waiting, and waiting… let’s get this economy moving again!